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Headspa pricing

30 minute treatment

$60 – 30 minutes

1 hour treatment

$100 – 1 hour

Add ons below are available for $10 each

Similar to a facial, a headspa treatment will cleanse, detox, and stimulate circulation with massage. Stimulating your head above the hairline helps blood flow to strengthen your hair follicles for healthy hair. It's very relaxing and a stress reliever too!

During a headspa treatment you'll choose from essential oils, scalp scrubs, and deep conditioning masks to exfoliate the scalp. A stimulating scalp massage will improve circulation and relax the scalp muscles. Consider one of our below add ons to customize your experience,
Treatment benefits
* Cleanses the scalp
* Stimulation improves hair growth
* Strengthens hair follicles
* Massage reduces stress
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Headspa add on pricing

Select as many as you like...

Steam $10

Cleansing scalp treatment 

  • Detoxifies the scalp to encourage healthy hair and regrowth

  • Removes hair product buildup, oil residue, and salt deposits

  • Dislodges trapped dead skin cells that clog scalp pores

  • Promotes hair volume

Ylang Ylang & Rosemary Oil $10

Improves scalp circulation to promote hair growth and reduces dandruff — plus helps reduce itchy scalp and redness from acne breakouts or psoriasis flare-ups

Tea Tree & Rosemary Oil $10

Hydrates and soothes the scalp, which leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and the hair softer

Hot Oil $10

Conditions dry hair and helps reduce tangles

Biotin Oil $10

Nourishes your hair to strengthen and promote hair growth

CBD Oil $10

Soothes inflammatory scalp conditions that may affect hair growth

Collagen Mask $10

Deeply conditions dry hair and promotes healthy hair

Anti-Brass Hair Mask $10

Reduces brassiness in your hair

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