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Lomi Lomi


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is one of the best massages that help with the cause of health problems and the consequences of the health problems. It helps to activate our body healing factor. Lomi Lomi is a "style of work" for our body, that came from Hawaii and was first practiced by Kahunas (temple masters) to correctly transform themselves and stay in balance. So they sought harmony and stimulated the flow of energy within themselves. This is more than a massage, it is a healing process led by the spirit of Aloha, and the wisdom that inspires and opens real potential.

A lot of oil is used during this massage, as well as massage techniques with hands, elbows, forearms with deep, dynamic and long movements that simulate ocean currents, waves and flow.


This massage is based on the tradition of Huna philosophy, which teaches about our world and how it spreads life-giving energy or "mana". "Lomi" literally means "pressing" or "soft touch of a quiet cat." The double use of the word "lomi" gives the massage double strength and demonstrates its special feature.


Lomi Lomi can easily and naturally give a positive effect to our mental world. During the massage free energy is directed to flow new ways and this creates new positive patterns in our subconscious. Problems and situations that previously seemed difficult are easily solved and no longer cause difficulties.


Lomi Lomi releases blocked and suppressed feelings, besides helping to find solutions to physical problems it also helps to get rid of emotions that may cause problems. We can fully restore health by attending this massage systematically.

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