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What are your dreams?

Martin Luther King had a you? I do. What are dreams besides the pictures in our head that inspire us...that drive us to want to get up in the morning....the reason we do anything pretty much.

They may not happen over night. Nothing of much substance does. They are like the millions of grains of sands that make up our beautiful beaches..... the bright green blades of grass that make up a lush lawn. Life is in the the repetition. Striving towards a goal can be very fulfilling. Seeing things take shape bit by bit, action after action.

Many of my dreams have come true. I am very lucky. I am fortunate enough to have a loving family that have always supported me. The land that The Great Escape sits on was given to me by my father. It sits on almost 2 Acres of wooded land. When I wanted to create something of my own in 2002 my Dad said, "What about Freyer Road?" I was like, what about Freyer Road? There is nothing on Freyer Road. He said sure there is....many people take that road as a shortcut between the two highways. After awhile I conceded....O,K, Dad. We will build on Freyer Road. Back in the day we would do Art Market & make colorful & spirited painted furniture, stained glass, & hand~made jewelry. I did my massage & art brought me much peace. As time went on in 2009 we added a Salon. It sat vacant for awhile until we found the right people. Actually the right people found us. The sweet Marilyn Nicholson & the Sassy Angila Keeney found their home for heir life's work & I was happy to have them. Later another Hair Stylist joined the Team :Bridget Sobecki, then another: April Fallon. We have independant massage therapists that run their own practices on their own time. That works for me! I am an independant worker & want everyone else to have that luxury & personal power too. No micro~managing here! No thank you....Just be mindful of positive energy to make everyone's experience at The Great Escape a good one.

Flash forward to present day. My Daddy that gave me the land is almost 90 years old!!!! O.K. he is 89....Close enough

& My mother not tooo far behind him....The construction you may see to the left behind the shop is a Retirement Suite in the making guessed it! My Parents! Oh how I love them so,,....Don't get me wrong. We do not always get along. We "are" family. ......Family is imperfect & ever-changing but yet constant at the same time.

My Partner {Life} partner....not business partner James Weldy is as handy as they come..He has been a Union Carpenter for 25 years. He has come in like a hurricane in my life helping me with pretty much EVErything! how did I get so Lucky? I would like to think good karma. Whatever the reason; I am very grateful.

Stay tuned for more updates!

dreams under construction...