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Ashiatsu Deep Feet Massage ~

Is great for Almost everyone...Massage therapy is safe and appropriate for most of the general population. But there are certain times when one should skip the massage temporarily, or be sure to inform their massage professional about a localized condition so that area can be avoided. Massage professionals call these times when an area of the body should be avoided, or when a massage should not take place ...

Contraindications.”What about ashiatsu? Are there different contraindications for this massage technique that you should be aware of before trying it?

Massage Contraindications ....All normal/typical massage contraindications still exist for ashiatsu. Below is a list of general contraindications (when you should not get a massage), and some are localized contraindications (when just a certain area needs to be avoided during the massage). This includes, but is not limited to:

Broken bones or FracturesAdvanced diabetes (when signs of neuropathy exist)High Blood Pressure, HBP, Hypertension (if unstable or uncontrolled)Hemophilia or other blood/clotting disorders , Current use of blood thinners Phlebitis, Thrombosis, DVT, Active blood clot Contagious conditions or infections (Colds, Flu, or Contagious skin conditions)Acute injuries (bruises/hematomas)Any unexplained swellingAny recent surgery (e.g., back, abdominal, hip, knee, or eye surgery) Ashiatsu Contraindications Ashiatsu can be light to deep pressure, but because of the deep compressions/strokes that some clients request, the following unique contraindications exist. Again, this list includes, but is not limited to:Implants (such as pace makers or breast implants)Frail individuals Osteoporosis Pregnancy (or possible pregnancy) Varicose veins Protruding or ruptured discs Kidney disorders.

If you have a condition that you think would affect your ability to get a massage, or an ashiatsu massage, discuss your concerns with your practitioner when making an appointment or before your massage. Your massage practitioner may just need to use a different technique during the massage, or avoid a certain area. When in doubt, they may have you obtain permission/clearance from your health care provider. If you are healthy and looking for a unique, therapeutic massage experience to ease stress and relieve muscular pain, schedule an A

shiatsu massage. Enjoy!