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Sun~Moon Yoga

SunMoon Yoga Tonight~☆ 6pm Sun Yoga, 30 mins Moon Yoga 30 mins

1 Hour Class

By Alexis Faith Cost $10 Thursdays @ 6pm Cleanse & Balance We will create refreshing Kundalini energy flow and cleansing heat in the body, through Yogic fire breathing exercises and muscle detoxifying power poses. Balancing out our nervous systems and leaving our body/mind/spirit purified. Moon Yoga, 30 mins. Fanning out the flames of cleansing heat, Moon Yoga is designed to transition you from the world of movement to inner quiet. Ease deeper into relaxing stillness with a combination of deep layer release restorative poses, aromatherapy with essential oils, hands on adjustments. Moon Yoga gently concludes with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation & healing gongs of a Tibetan singing bowl to bring you into a profound relaxation and cell regeneration. This class is carefully destined for all levels, including beginners.

— with Alexis Faith.

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