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Favorite Things~ Around Town...

*Favorite Italian Restaraunt {Dine-IN} (Brewsters) New Buffalo Michigan * Recommend... Dinner for Two~

*Favorite Italian Restauraunt (Order~Out) ( Scartozzi's) *Recommend ...Caprese Salad/Joe's Special

*Favorite Ice Cream ( Nancy's ) New Buffalo *Recommend Sea~Side Caramel

* Favorite Calm Place ( Anywhere on Beach) M.C~New Buffalo

* Favorite County Park (Galien River County Park) New Buffalo

*Favorite Healthy Lunch Place (Panera) Michigan City

* Favorite Gym (Planet Fitness) Michigan City

* Favorite Coffee (Starbucks) *Recommend Caramel/Mocha or Cold Drink~ * Berry Refresher Made with Lemonade instead of water...low~ICE... Michigan City

*Favorite Mexican (El Bracero) *Recommend White Cheese Dip ....Michigan City

*Favorite Healthy Fresh Juiced... Juice ( Ruby Red ) Nature's Cupboard... Michigan City

*Favorite Dance Place....( Blue Chip Casino )

*Favorite Event...First Fridays * Downtown Michigan City 5-8pm, Dancing After..Wards ...Somewhere....Ryan's Irish Pub has good Outdoor Seating & Live Music in Summer

More Favorites to Come!

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