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Drum Beats Massage

Drum Beats~☆ Massage $150.00 Hour With Marilee Snyder~☆Anastasia Snyder

Soul Retrieval Makes You More Whole: by addressing PTSD whether from surgery, car accident, divorce, death in the family, abuse, neglect...Marilee will take you on a journey to find the lost pieces of your ☆ Soul

Soul retrieval allows spirit to assist in bringing you back into more perfect balance and wellness. It brings healing to your psyche and body, and integrates your younger selves with your present self. After a soul retrieval you will be given information about things you can do in your life to further the healing process. This information comes from your guides and your younger selves and is particular and specific to you.

In times of trauma, human beings can literally lose pieces of themselves, which become stuck in time and space, in what is called non-ordinary reality. The energy of that soul part becomes unavailable to that person to access and use. People who have undergone soul loss often feel empty, deadened, depressed, or overcome with inertia. Sometimes they have trouble with their identity, and tend to be whoever those around them wish. When someone says, "When so-and-so died, a part of me died with him," they are speaking a more literal truth than they may know.

Traumas which often result in soul loss include divorce, death of a loved one or family member, assault, abuse, surgery, accidents, and emotional abandonment as a child or infant. Symptoms include inability to trust or bond, addictions, depression, codependence, lack or loss of direction, feelings of emptiness, and giving up power. The good news is that a healer can journey in non-ordinary reality and fetch the pieces which have split off, and put them back in your body, where they can be reintegrated and energetically available again. Healing and aftercare are often required, as the feelings of the original trauma can resurface, but the end result is a greater vitality and a sense of "being oneself" again.

Commonly, three or four soul parts are retrieved in one session, which usually lasts one hour to an hour and a half. They can range in age from infancy to very close to the client's current age. They may appear as a whole individual of a younger age, or as a piece of energy which someone else is holding.

The space in which the soul retrieval takes place is first cleansed and protections are established. Marilee Snyder calls on your spirit guides and my own to help in the healing and guide the journey. Usually I have journeyed before you arrive to find out what I will be retrieving, and we talk about this before the actual work takes place. In this way, what is retrieved is with your permission and for your highest and best growth and healing, and will not endanger you.

Drumming and rattling accompany the work. Marilee is in trance anywhere from half an hour to an hour; periodically she stop to blow soul parts into your body at your chest and through the top of your head with her breath. During the trance, the soul parts and your spirit helpers will tell me what those parts need from you to feel safe enough to stick around. It is also your responsibility to dialogue with parts which have come back and ask them what they need. Clients often feel body sensations including joy, anger, warmth, increased energy and focus, fullness, sadness, heat, and well-being. The healing has long-term effects, some more subtle than others. Feelings of unexpected freedom and joy can alternate with feelings of old sadness for a month or so after. As long as you allow the sadness to pass through you and be processed, this is not usually traumatic.

As an adult, experiencing old sadness and also knowing you have a life outside of that particular loss is much more manageable than it was at five or ten years old, for example. And the moments and days of unexpected joy and freedom more than make up for it!

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