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Where the Mind Goes~ The Body Follows

It is not enough for you to ‘say’ positive and great things will happen in your must believe....

....the things that you say. The mind is a powerful mechanism that we often underestimate. It controls everything we are going through, including sickness, depression and I believe, even death.

The same way we are conscious about the foods we put in our body, we must be equally cognoscente of what we feed our mind. Many of us feed our mind the same junk food that we will never feed our body. We allow negativity and doubt to distract us from our goals and accept mediocrity as the standard of level achievement.

However, if we know that we are living below our God given potential. The common denominator is what we are feeding the mind.

The one thing that is important to realize in your darkest moments is not to allow toxic relationships to lower your thought processes , to allow people to talk you out of your dreams or to encourage you to accept a sub-standard quality of life.

It may also be wise to insist that you even need to stop watching the news and other television programs that may lower your vibrational frequency.

What you must begin to realize right now if you are stuck in a place in your life that is causing you resentment and regret is that your mind needs to be detoxified of all of the negativity.

You may not be able to change your environment... but you can change your thoughts. It is within you to think ‘outside of the box’.

You need to place action to your vision-no matter how big or small. It is better to detox the mind and speak prosperity over your life.

Remember, where your mind goes, the body will follow. Spend your days creating action plans for your vision. Now is the time to leap out on faith and dare to dream big!

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